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What will agriculture look like in the future?

Agriculture in times of climate change is innovative, sustainable and efficient.

Innovative research projects in the field of agriculture and nutrition address and deal with current challenges such as climate protection, pre-summer drought and heat stress, resource-saving recycling management and soil protection, sustainable, safe production and regional marketing of agricultural products. Preserving biodiversity, both in the environment and for our food, is essential for a globally sustainable future. Intelligent artificial systems, the development of sensors and the expansion of digitisation increasingly promote automated production chains and processes.

What role does FISA play in this context?

FISA assigns seven overarching research objectives to social issues and research projects pertaining to agriculture and nutrition. Their thematic fields deal with nutrition and consumer protection, global food security, climate change, rural areas, production processes, related risks, environmental protection and resource conservation. Based on these goals and their sub-goals, FISA shows how the EU, the German Federal Government and the federal Länder are meeting the current challenges of our time with publicly funded research projects and at various levels.

Planning research funding