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Information System for Agriculture and Food Research

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ATB Research framework programme 2010 to 2012


Initiator: Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy

The ATB's task is to create process-engineering bases for sustainable land-use management and to provide innovative technical solutions for industry. By combining scientific and engineering findings, especially in the field of new technologies such as biotechnology and information technology, with economic and social science expertise, ATB aims to ensure that the newly developed processes and technical solutions are profitable for both manufacturers and users, at the same time ensuring environmental protection and sustainability.

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Field of research:

Precision farming and precision livestock production

Sub-fields of research:

Sensor-based assessment of animal, plant, and environmental parameters

Modeling of production processes

Development and automatization of production techniques and design of adaptive processes in crop production and livestock management

Field of research:

Quality and safety of food and feed

Sub-fields of research:

Determination of the physiological and physical properties as a basis for the development of technique, sensors, and monitoring and control strategies

Model-based process design for the production of fresh produce in premium quality

Quality improved and energy-efficient processing, preserving, drying and storage of food and feed

Field of research:

Material and energetic use of biomass

Sub-fields of research:

Production of raw fiber materials and processing them to innovative semi-finished and finished products

Development of a continuous process for the biotechnological production of lactic acid

Development of a substrate-specific process for biogas production, including the hybrid procedure \'biomethane & biochar\'

Developing the basis and procedures for the environmentally-friendly cultivation, harvesting, processing, and storage of energy crops

Field of research:

Technology assessment in agriculture

Sub-fields of research:

Modeling of agricultural systems with particular emphasis on energy, water, carbon and nutrient flows

Development of economically viable energy savings and greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation strategies in agricultural systems

Assessment of environmental and economic potentials of applied information and communication technologies, logistics and supply chain management in the agricultural sector

Assessment of the provision and conversion of biogenic raw materials for material and energy use (competing uses)

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