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H2020-EU.3.2. Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine, Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy


Initiator: European Commission

Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, together with the bio-based industries, are integral parts of the European economy and society. Relying on the use of limited natural resources, these sectors produce and process biological resources to satisfy the demand of consumers and a wide range of industries for food, feed, bio-energy and bio-based products. While they enhance Europe’s self-reliance and provide jobs and business opportunities essential for rural, coastal and marine areas, these sectors are also facing significant challenges which require solutions based on research and innovation.

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Field of research:

Sustainable food production systems

Sub-fields of research:

Sustainable terrestrial livestock production

Sustainable crop production

Practical solutions for native and alien pests affecting plants

Soil quality and function

Strategies for crop productivity, stability and quality

Sustainable intensification pathways of agro-food systems in Africa

Genetic resources and agricultural diversity for food security, productivity and resilience

Resource-efficient eco-innovative food production and processing

Towards a gradual elimination of discards in European fisheries

Tackling disease related challenges and threats faced by European farmed aquatic animals

Field of research:

Safe food and healthy diets and sustainable consumption

Sub-fields of research:

Assessing the health risks of combined human exposure to multiple food-related toxic substances

Biological contamination of crops and the food chain

Authentication of food products

Proteins of the future

Tackling malnutrition in the elderly

Innovative solutions for sustainable novel food processing

Field of research:

Global drivers of food security

Sub-fields of research:

Small farms but global markets: the role of small and family farms in food and nutrition security

Sustainable food and nutrition security through evidence based EU agro-food policies

Sustainable food chains through public policies: the cases of the EU quality policy and of public sector food procurement

Field of research:

Bioeconomy: Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry

Sub-fields of research:

Provision of public goods by EU agriculture and forestry: Putting the concept into practice

Closing the research and innovation divide: the crucial role of innovation support services and knowledge exchange

Unlocking the growth potential of rural areas through enhanced governance and social innovation

Improved data and management models for sustainable forestry

Field of research:

Sustainable and competitive bio-based industries

Sub-fields of research:

Renewable oil crops as a source of bio-based products

Converting CO2 into chemicals

Public procurement networks on innovative bio-based products

Field of research:

Bioeconomy: Cross-cutting actions covering all activities

Sub-fields of research:

Towards an innovative and responsible bioeconomy

Networking of Bioeconomy relevant ERA-NETs

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