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DBU Frameworkprogramme 2016


Initiator: German Federal Environmental Foundation

The promotional activities of the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) concentrate on environmental technology and research, nature conservation, environmental communication and cultural assets.

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Field of research:

Instruments and competences of sustainability assessments and strengthening the awareness for sustainability and sustainable actions

Sub-fields of research:

Measures to identify and develop practical sustainability indicators;

Development, optimization and exploring practical methods and concepts of sustainability assessment;

Measures to develop and consolidate sustainability skills particularly in multipliers;

New methods and approaches to impart systemic sustainability contexts and objectives, especially in schools, colleges and other educational establishments;

New methodological approaches to the development and strengthening of sustainability awareness in particular in children and adolescents;

Development and optimization of transformative methods to strengthen sustainability of actions and participation

Field of research:

Sustainable food and sustainable handling of foods

Sub-fields of research:

Resource-efficient and animal-friendly concepts for environmentally sound food production

Energy-saving and loss-reducing provisioning processes (production, marketing, processing, storage, transport) of food

Approaches to reduce food losses in trade, especially in baked goods, fruits and vegetables

Projects to avoid food losses and waste at consumer and wholesale level (purchasing, handling of durability information, storage and processing)

Approaches to product-specific sustainability assessment of food and disclosure of sustainability information along the supply chain up to the consumer

Impartation of decision and action skills in food and sustainable foodstuff handling

Research, development and practical implementation of methods and products for sustainable crop protection, especially in organic farming

Field of research:

Renewable energy - pushing decentralized heat turnaround, optimizing existing facilities and reducing negative environmental impacts

Sub-fields of research:

Further development, system optimization and exemplary application of technologies for environmentally friendly production, processing and energetic use of biomass in distributed applications

New concepts of a combined use of various renewable energy sources for the optimization of efficiency and environmental benefits including innovative storage concepts

Developments to improve efficiency and operational optimization of existing plants using renewable energy sources and new approaches to optimization of individual system components

Development of new concepts and technical solutions for environmental, health and natural acceptable and safe use of renewable energy

Developing and testing new approaches to qualification, education, participation, information and knowledge transfer

Development and market reconnaissance on new business models for SMEs

Field of research:

Environmental friendly and sustainable construction

Sub-fields of research:

Exemplary concept development, implementation, evaluation and documentation of energy- and resource-optimized, healthy old and new buildings, taking into account the life cycle

Further development, exemplary implementation and documentation of timber construction in larger building volumes

Optimization of concepts, systems and structures of timber building and increasing the acceptance of wooden buildings

Innovative methods and concepts for education, communication, participation and training in particular of public and private developers, consultants, regulatory bodies, building connected professions, children and adolescents as well as users

Field of research:

Recycling and efficient use of phosphorus and environmentally critical metals

Sub-fields of research:

Educational concepts to promote systemic thinking at the example of environmentally critical substances mentioned before

Projects for increasing phosphorus efficiency in industry and agriculture

Development of measures to use phosphorus-containing substances (sewage sludge, organic waste, agricultural manure and other) in an environmentally responsible way

Developing environmentally friendly phosphorus recovery processes, and where possible considering further nutrients (sewage / sludge, animal waste)

Field of research:

Reduction of nitrogen emissions in agriculture

Sub-fields of research:

Technology and process development to avoid nitrogen losses in stables and during storage and application of manure in particular by separation and purification process for excrements

Improvement of processes for temporally and spatially targeted fertilization, depending on the plants need

Measures for more efficient use of existing nitrogen in soil

Development of information and counseling strategies for different stakeholder groups (farmers, stable building companies, ventilation etc.)

Target-group-specific communication of new findings (crop farmers, livestock farmers, water reserve consultants etc.)

Field of research:

Integrated policies and measures for the protection and management of groundwater and surface water

Sub-fields of research:

Development and application of exemplary decision support systems as well as quality and quantity models from company up to catchment basin level

Development and testing of models of good practices for information, training and participation of stakeholders

Field of research:

Conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in protected areas and areas for usage

Sub-fields of research:

Development and establishment of agricultural and forest habitat management measures for particular extensively used and / or semi-natural habitats and open landscapes

Further development and application of innovative technologies for environmentally sound optimization of agricultural and forestry production processes

New forms of information and knowledge provision for land users, consultants and governmental agencies with the participation of civil society actors

Field of research:

Preservation and safeguarding national valuable cultural assets against harmful environmental influences

Sub-fields of research:

Developing strategies and concepts to protect and preserve nationally valuable cultural and historical cultural landscapes from the effects of anthropogenic climate change

Qualification offers in the field of sustainable protection of cultural heritage and historical cultural landscapes

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