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BMBF - new High-Tech Strategy


Initiator: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

The new High-Tech Strategy stands for the aim of moving Germany forward on its way to becoming a worldwide innovation leader. The goal is for good ideas to be translated quickly into innovative products and services. This is because innovative solutions are the factors that drive our prosperity and support our quality of life. They strengthen Germany's position as a leading industrial and exporting nation. And they make it possible to find creative answers to the urgent challenges of our time – including challenges in such areas as sustainable urban development, environmentally friendly energy, individualised medicine and the digital society. The High-Tech Strategy is now being developed further, as a comprehensive, interdepartmental innovation strategy. To that end, we are adding new topics and introducing new instruments for funding innovation. We are emphasising an expanded concept of innovation that includes not only technological innovation but also social innovation – and that includes society as a central player. We are looking at the big picture and conceptually putting those things together that really belong together. We are continuing the upward trend that has been taking place in investments in research and development.

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Field of research:

The sustainable economy and energy

Sub-fields of research:

Industry 4.0

Smart Services

Smart Data

Cloud Computing

Digital networking

Digital science

Digital education

Digital life environments

Field of research:

The digital economy and society

Sub-fields of research:

Energy research

Green Economy


Sustainable agricultural production

Assuring the supply of raw materials

Sustainable consumption

Field of research:

The innovative workplace

Sub-fields of research:

Work in a digital world

Innovative services for future markets

Competency building

Field of research:

Healthy living

Sub-fields of research:

Fighting major diseases

Prevention and nutrition

Field of research:

Intelligent mobility

Field of research:

Civil security

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