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BMEL - research cluster


Initiator: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

The BMEL research cluster is divided into four clusters covering a period of ten years. Within these clusters, there are four main areas each with a time horizon of five years. The clusters are supported by seven cross-sections / horizontal themes. They aim at building structural capacities. The BMEL research cluster has been in force since 2016 and replaces the BMEL framework programme of 2008.

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Field of research:

1 Future of rural regions

Sub-fields of research:

1.1 Strengthen the future of work and added value in the rural area

1.2 Ensuring and shaping attractive living conditions and future-oriented public services in the rural area

1.3 Retain and expand environmental and recreational functions of rural areas

1.4 Review control and implementation processes in rural development

1.5 Opportunities of the energy transition for rural regions

Field of research:

2 Living healthy

Sub-fields of research:

2.1 Heading nutrition and food into the digital age

2.2 Identify future development and behavioral trends

2.3 Develop effective prevention models

2.4 Develop security systems adjusted to globalisation

2.5 Safe products from renewable raw materials for technical applications

Field of research:

3 Sustainable agriculture

Sub-fields of research:

3.1 Actively support adaptations of the production processes

3.2 Realign plant production to resource efficiency

3.3 Organising the handling of animals responsibly

3.4 Improve social acceptance of processes and products

Field of research:

4 Global responsibility

Sub-fields of research:

4.1 Increase the efficiency of agriculture, fisheries and forestry globally

4.2 Improve efficiency, effectiveness and inclusiveness of agriculture markets, trade and value-added chains worldwide

4.3. Implementation of the global sustainability goals and support the right to food

4.4 Take up social expectations and demonstrate responsibility

Field of research:

5 Cross-cutting issues

Sub-fields of research:

5.1 Big Data

5.2 Demographie und Zuwanderung

5.3 Cooperation and transfer

5.4 Internationalisation

5.5 Regionality

5.6 Participation and transparency

5.7 Funding of SME

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