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Investigations on the suitability of sorghum for energy recovery


Production processes

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Production processes

Project code: JKI-ZL-08-3168
Contract period: 01.06.2006 - 31.12.2007
Purpose of research: Applied research

Use of biomass for energy production is predicted to increase in Germany's agriculture. Especially on light and dry soils, rye offers an alternative to maize for biomass production. Due to their water efficiency, sorghum as well as sorghum x Sudan grass hybrids appear attractive as catch crops in crop rotations with rye as a preceding crop. The present project investigates the agronomic perspectives in the growing of sorghum and sorghum x Sudan grass hybrids for biomass production under the growing conditions in the northeast of Germany. Consideration of genetically diverse entries will allow for a first estimation of genetic variability with respect to their tolerance to the environmental conditions in the northeast. The location of Groß Lüsewitz serves an example representative for this growing region of Germany. In a final comparative evaluation, results obtained with the Groß Lüsewitz location will be viewed in relation to other locations in Germany where similar investigations are underway.

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