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Selection on methionine-rich domestic legumes (Vicia faba, Pisum sativum und Lupinus angustifolius)


Project code: 2805OE024
Contract period: 01.04.2008 - 31.12.2010
Budget: 102,474 Euro
Purpose of research: Basic research

A method on phenotypical selection of methionine rich plants shall be established and used for home grown legumes from northern Europe (lupines, field peas, faba beans - Vicia faba, Pisum sativum und Lupinus angustifolius). The method was successfully used in soybeans before. Additionally the range of amino acid contents of the legumes will be explored by measurements in the available variety of lines and by literature data. The work can show ways to improve methionine contents in the seed protein in legumes varieties and to increase the value of farm grown components in feeding ratios. During the project time promising lines shall already be propagated as basis for organic plant breeding. The involvement of practical plant breeders in the project assures a direct praxis-transfer of the results.

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