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Insect friendly energy cropping systems: combination of sorghum with flowering undersown crops (SoBinEn)


Project code: 2219NR445
Contract period: 01.05.2020 - 30.04.2023
Purpose of research: Applied research
Keywords: energy crop farming, Sorghum bicolor, hybrids, mixed cultivation, biodiversity, insect protection

The mixture of Sorghum bicolor with various insect-friendly flowers as undersown crops will be tested. The flowering time can be extended significantly, and with the pollen an additional source of protein is offered to bees and other pollinators. These crop mixtures will improve the ecological value of bioenergy-crop rotations in terms of diversity, sustainability, erosion protection and humus balance and as consequence reduction of nitrate leakage. Synergy effects of intercropping, e.g. an improved pollination capacity of bees and less weed infestation, contribute to a stabilisation of yield in times of changing environmental conditions.

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