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Monitoring of pathogenicity in sugar beet cyst nematodes on tolerant sugar beet genotypes to secure provision of raw materials (PaRzn)


Project code: 22022812, JKI-A-08-1184
Contract period: 01.12.2014 - 31.03.2018
Budget: 211,280 Euro
Purpose of research: Applied research

Heterodera schachtiiis one of the most important pests of sugar beet production in Germany. Following the release of resistant and tolerant sugar beet cultivars, the evolving of pathotypes that can overcome these trades must be feared. Such developments have been documented for resistance to this nematode by Dr. J. Müller. He proposed a pathotype system correpsonding to resistance sources including Schach0, Schach1, Schach2 and Schach1,2. It is not known whether these pathotypes exhibit differences in infection potential on toleratn sugar beet culitvars. Partial resistance is surmised for the tolerant cultivars becasue these allow for less reproduction than fully susceptible cultivars. Objectives of this project include determining if these pathotypes also vary in reproductive potential on the tolerant cultivars. A pathotype system as impelmented in soybean and the soybean cyst nematode is envisioned for H. schachtii. Basic studies of the histopathology of H. schachtii on toleratn cultivars will complement the studies. Overall, this project will contribute to a sustainable use of nematode-tolerant sugar beet cultivars.

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