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Projects of "Activity 2.3 Life Sciences, biotechnology and biochemistry for sustainable non-food products and processes"

Amine synthesis through biocatalytic cascades (AMBIOCAS)

Project code: 245144
Excutive institution: The University of Manchester
Contract period: 2010 - 2012


Bacterial abiotic cellular stress and survival improvement network (BACSIN)

Project code: 211684
Excutive institution: University of Lausanne
Contract period: 2008 - 2012


Biotechnological conversion of carbon containing wastes for eco-efficient production of high added value products (ANIMPOL)

Project code: 245084
Excutive institution: Graz University of Technology
Contract period: 2010 - 2012


Bottom-up design and fabrication of industrial bio-inorganic nano-porous membranes with novel functionalities based on principles of protein self-assembly and biomineralization (MEM-S)

Project code: 244967
Excutive institution: Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
Contract period: 2010 - 2012


Contained molecular farming - Controllable contained systems for high yield and consistency (CoMoFarm)

Project code: 227420
Excutive institution: Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology, Applied Ecology Division
Contract period: 2009 - 2012


Development of a process for the production of lutein from coccalen green algae

Project code: keine Angabe
Excutive institution: Agrochemical Institute Piesteritz e.V.
Contract period: 2007 - 2011


Effective redesign of oxidative enzymes for green chemistry (OXYGREEN)

Project code: 212281
Excutive institution: University of Groningen
Contract period: 2008 - 2013


Enhancing poplar traits for energy applications (ENERGYPOPLAR)

Project code: 211917
Excutive institution: National Institute for Agricultural Research
Contract period: 2008 - 2012


Forest resource sustainability through bio-based-composite development (FORBIOPLAST)

Project code: 212239
Excutive institution: University of Pisa
Contract period: 2008 - 2012


Improving nutrient efficiency in major European food, feed and biofuel crops to reduce the negative environmental impact of crop production (NUE-CROPS)

Project code: 222645
Excutive institution: University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Contract period: 2009 - 2014


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