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Controlled biodegradability of filament yarns by changing filament cross-section geometry and polymer crystallinity


Project code: 22023618
Contract period: 01.10.2019 - 30.09.2020
Budget: 94,606 Euro
Purpose of research: Experimental development

Aim of the project "DegraFib" is the targeted control on biodegradability of filament yarns. Beside selection of polymers, the enzymatic degradation of polymers should be optimized by changing the available filament surface and polymer crystallinity. Various biodegradable and biobased polymer will be selected, characterized and evaluated for their suitability for aimed research work in the framework of this feasibility study. Suitable polymers will be processed through melt spinning process to produce multifilaments with variable filament cross-sections to optimize the available filament surface. The crystallinity will be optimized using drawing process to pursue with comparative analysis of drawn and undrawn filaments. The filaments will be tested for mechanical properties and analysed for microscopic properties. Biodegradability will be tested through an evolving test method to establish a correlation between filament surface area, respectively the crystallinity and the rate of enzymatic degradation of polymer. The test samples will be collected regularly and will be characterized for their optical, microscopic and mechanical properties. Additionally, polymer analysis will be performed using DSC. A needle felt nonwoven will be developed from filaments to transfer the developed know-how to textile product level. Their biodegradability will also be subsequently tested in the similar environmental conditions as the filaments were tested.

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