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Projects of the funding programme "EC - Collaborative projects (small or medium-scale focused research actions) (CP-STREP)"

A network of national contact points providing cutting-edge NCP services to the knowledge based bio-economy research community (BIO-NET)

Project code: 211363
Excutive institution: SenterNovem
Contract period: 2008 - 2012


Amine synthesis through biocatalytic cascades (AMBIOCAS)

Project code: 245144
Excutive institution: The University of Manchester
Contract period: 2010 - 2012


AMLIGHT - Development of an automatic harvesting system for green asparagus with stalk detection in Ambient Light

Project code: 304556
Excutive institution: Bremen Center of Mechatronics
Contract period: 2012 - 2014


Aquired environmental epigenetics advances: from arabidopsis to maize (AENEAS)

Project code: 226477
Excutive institution: University of Padua
Contract period: 2009 - 2013


Assessing the impact of rural development policies (RUDI)

Project code: 213034
Excutive institution: Institute for Rural Development Research
Contract period: 2008 - 2010


Assessment of the impacts of non-tariff measures - NTM on the competitiveness of the EU and selected trade partners (NTM-IMPACT)

Project code: 227202
Excutive institution: French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development
Contract period: 2009 - 2011


Biotechnological conversion of carbon containing wastes for eco-efficient production of high added value products (ANIMPOL)

Project code: 245084
Excutive institution: Graz University of Technology
Contract period: 2010 - 2012


Bottom-up design and fabrication of industrial bio-inorganic nano-porous membranes with novel functionalities based on principles of protein self-assembly and biomineralization (MEM-S)

Project code: 244967
Excutive institution: Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
Contract period: 2010 - 2012


Common agricultural policy regionalised impact - the rural development dimension (CAPRI-RD)

Project code: 226195
Excutive institution: Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University of Bonn
Contract period: 2009 - 2013


Confronting the clinical relevance of biocide induced antibiotic resistance (BIOHYPO)

Project code: 227258
Excutive institution: University of Siena
Contract period: 2009 - 2012


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