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Interreg B - North Sea Region Programme Area 2014-2020

Funding programme

Contract period: 2014 - 2020
Project management agency: European Commission
Funding institution: European Commission
Structural goals: European Integration

If you look at the statistics, the North Sea Region is a great place to live and work. Educational attainment is high, health systems are robust and society is relatively prosperous. But the region’s stability and long-term prosperity depends on finding answers to some big questions.

What can be done to stimulate sustainable, economic growth? How must society adjust to climate change, especially more frequent major flooding? And are there ways to clean up our environment and manage resources more wisely?

Our overall aim is to support development and foster sustained economic growth across the region. We help enterprises, institutions, public administrations, NGOs and others to pool their expertise, share their experience and cooperate to develop realistic solutions to problems shared across the region.

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Projects of the funding programme "Interreg B - North Sea Region Programme Area 2014-2020"

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