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BMBF - FONA - Research Framework Programme for Sustainability


Initiator: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Funding programmes: BMBF - Sustainable Land Management, module A, BMBF - FONA - Research for Climate Protection and Protection against Climate Impacts, BMBF - RURAGRI - transnational research linking agricultural, rural and sustainable development aspects, BMBF - Sustainable forest management, BMBF - Sustainable land management, BMBF - Integrated Water Resource Management, BMBF - Risk management of extreme floods, BMBF - SME innovative: resource and energy efficiency, BMBF - Bio Team Biosphere Research - Integrative and Application-Oriented Model Projects, BMBF - Global Biodiversity Information Facility, BMBF - Research on Biodiversity in the atlantic rainforest of Brazil, BMBF - Global Change in the Hydrological Cycle, BMBF - Biodiversität und Global Change, BMBF - Sustainable Land Management, module B, BMBF - Sustainable forest management and optimized utilization of lignocellulose-containing raw materials, BMBF - FONA (Research for Sustainable Development) - Regional Science Service Centers, BMBF - FONA - Economics of climate change, BMBF - Innovation Groups for Sustainable Land Management, BMBF - klimazwei - Research for Climate Protection and Protection from Climate Impacts, BMBF - Research for Sustainable Development

One of the major challenges is to secure prosperity without destroying the natural bases of our lives. In order to reach this goal, the Federal Government counts on sustainability. Sustainability is more than just the protection of the environment. Apart from ecological purposes, sustainability also comprises economic and social aims. These, however, can only be reached if scientists, industry representatives and further societal groups establish close communication to develop sustainable innovations. Against this background, the Federal Cabinet adopted the new Framework Programme 'Research for Sustainability' on 30th June 2004. National research funding into sustainability is closely connected to European research funding. On behalf of the European Commission, Project Management Jülich contributes to this coordination with its National Contact Points (NCPs) and its NCP Network Environment. Beyond that, Project Management Jülich is involved in three ERA-NET projects.

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Field of research:

E 4 Field of action 4: Social action geared to sustainability

Field of research:

E 3 Field of action 3: Concepts for sustainable use of natural resources

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E 2 Field of action 2: Sustainable use concepts for regions

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E 1 Field of action 1: Concepts for sustainability in industry and business

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