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BMEL - Digitalization in Agriculture


Initiator: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Funding programmes: BMEL - Digitalization in Agriculture

One aim of the novel Framework Program BMEL-Digitalization in Agriculture is setting-up and shaping innovative Experimental Fields for digitalizing in agriculture covering all federal territories throughout Germany being mutal coordinated and associated. Particularly, the chances for digitalization througout all plant sizes are going to be unlocked benefitting the whole society and strengthening competitiveness in agriculture. A further matter of the Experimental Fields is the opening up of infrastructural prerequitites to analyse digital techniques and methods for the different agricultural farm structures and the scientific monitoring of the related tests. Moreover, the technology and knowledge transfer into agricultural practice as well as into pre- and post agricultural themes and to the general public is implemented. 

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Field of research:

1. Experimental fields for digitalization in agriculture

Sub-fields of research:

1.1 Development of infrastructure, set-up of facilities

1.2 Digitalization of agricultural production systems (crop cultivation, animal husbandry, special cultures)

1.3 Networking by innovative technology use

Field of research:

2. Networking and knowledge transfer by digitalization

Sub-fields of research:

2.1 Networking by technology use, technology transfer, network

2.2 Knowledge transfer by activities like meetings, workshops,multipliers for dissimiation

2.3 Education and training in digital technology and transfer

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