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All Projects on the sub-field of research "Terrorism"

Epidemiological studies as the basis for the risk assessment of agroterroristically relevant pathogens

Project code: BfR-BIOS-08-1334-191
Excutive institution: BfR - Department 4: Biological Safety
Contract period: 2008 - 2011


Producing standardized sample material with Bacillus anthracis, Burkholderia mallei, and Brucella spp. for Raman spectroscopy and reference analysis using microbiological and molecular biology methods

Project code: 13N9547
Excutive institution: FLI - Institute for Bacterial Infections and Zoonoses
Contract period: 2008 - 2011


Climate change impact on forests ecosystems and options for adaptation of forest and forest management

Project code: TI-WO-08-PID1342
Excutive institution: Institute for Forest Ecosystems
Contract period: 2001 - 2016


CORONA - CORSA - Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2 by UVC-light and human tolerance; TP2: In vitro determination of the virucidal effect of UVC radiation of different wavelengths on SARS-CoV-2 (CORSAvir).

Project code: FLI-ATB-08-Ri-0823
Excutive institution: FLI - Department of Experimental Animal Facilities and Biorisk Management
Contract period: 2021 - 2023


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