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Collaborate project: Use of remote sensing technologies for digitization in crop production. Subproject 1 (AgriSens_DEMMIN_40)


Project code: 28DE114A18
Contract period: 02.03.2020 - 01.03.2023
Budget: 1,374,225 Euro
Purpose of research: Experimental development

In the context of AgriSens DEMMIN 4.0, current and future challenges of digitization are to be addressed from the interaction of science, business and end users. Geo-data represent an essential basis for the efficient management of agricultural land. They are already being used in many ways, e.g. to determine the position of vehicles, to plan sampling, to determine soil and plant conditions and to estimate yields. In many cases, satellites and, increasingly, autonomous flying objects (UAV) provide the data basis. With the planned experimental field AgriSens - DEMMIN 4.0, we address key topics in the field of agriculture with regard to digitization topics up to end-to-end solutions of geo-information data. The aim is to define the use of remote sensing data from satellite and UAV-based systems, to further develop and refine methods as well as to make this knowledge easily available to all interested parties. In this way, we expect to strengthen the acceptance and use of these valuable data sources for the optimization of operational processes in digital agriculture. As a result, the focus of the experimental field will be on the following:1) Analysis of the status of the use of geo-information data in agriculture 2) Creation of methodological foundations 3) Conception and implementation of application examples as potential demonstrators 4) Analysis of exploitation potentials in the economy 5) Conception and development of demonstration services 6) Knowledge and technology transfer from science to business and society The spatial core test field DEMMIN is located approx. 180 km north of Berlin in the federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. DEMMIN with its extensive sensory equipment is also Germany's only JECAM site.

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