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Agricultural Policies in Africa: Understanding the Political and Institutional Dynamics of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP)


Global Food security

This project contributes to the research aim 'Global food security'. What are the sub-aims? Take a look:
Global Food security

Project code: 81113297
Contract period: 01.04.2009 - 31.10.2010
Budget: 59,967 Euro
Purpose of research: Basic research

Goal: The project will analyse the multi-level dimension of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) in order to understand its political and institutional dynamics. It will explore the different interests in and perceptions of CAADP by different actors and show how these differences hamper its implementation and performance. Based on this analysis, the project will develop recommendations for both African and development partners on how to improve CAADP‘s policy making process. The analysis will help CAADP to reach ist stated goals. Purpose: This project is intended to complement an ongoing DIE-IFPRI-study. Whereas the ongoing study focuses on the analysis of CAADP at the national level, this project will focus on CAADP at regional and continental level, because CAADP framework is developed at the continental level, to be implemented at the regional and national levels. The ongoing project has shown that there are a lot of challenges facing CAADP including the lack of political willingness in the countries to implement CAADP framework. This exhibits a lack of national ownership and serious problems between different levels of CAADP. In order to understand these challenges, it is imperative to examine how CAADP framework is designed and implemented at different levels, and to analyse the role that different stakeholders play at different levels.

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