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Determination of vegetation cover, leaf area index LAI and real evapotranspiration using remote sensing data and experimental field data obtained from e.g. the TERENO (Terrestrial Environmental Observatories) -project


Project code: ZALF-717
Contract period: 01.01.2012 - 31.12.2015
Purpose of research: Applied research

Evaluation of vegetation cover and leaf area index using multispectral remote sensing data as an essential part of the data base for the spatial distributed calculation of real evapotranspiration and throughfall. In comparison with field observations, remote sensing enable the determination of e.g. vegetation cover and the integration of such spatial data in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) with a significant lower amount of work and money. Spatial data such as vegetation cover and leaf area are essential for the application of ecohydrological catchment models such as THESEUS or SWAT (=Soil Water Assessment Tool) for the spatial distributed simulation of water balance and net primary production under different boundary conditions. In addition, these models might be validated on the experimental plot scale using data obtained e.g. from the TERENO-project. Such validated and tested ecohydrological models can be used e.g. for the estimation of the impact of future climate change on water balance components.

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