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CarboZALF - Carbon Dynamics of arable Landscape under Climate Change


Project code: ZALF-713
Contract period: 01.01.2009 - 31.12.2019
Purpose of research: Applied research

Intention / Mission Statement: Establishing a multi-scale and multi-disciplinary approach in order to reveal, quantify, and model significant transformation and regulation processes in the carbon budget of arable landscapes in the northern German lowland. Development of land use and landscape systems with reduced climate impacts and sustainable storage potentials of carbon dioxide, especially concerning soil organic carbon store. Strategy. Inventory and integration of current research activities. Establishment of a field experiment 'C-dynamics of arable sites' as a starting point (CarboZALF-D). Open project: internal and external invitation for additional, complemental proposals Expansion of the joint project, by including external cooperating partners, studying other landscape compartments, and by using other approaches. Modelling of carbon turnover at landscape scale.

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