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EU - FP 7 Theme 2: Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology - Building a European Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy (KBBE)


Initiator: European Commission
Funding programmes: EC - Coordination and support actions, EC - Collaborative projects (small or medium-scale focused research actions), EC - Collaborative projects (larg-scale integrated projects)

Building a European Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy1 by bringing together science, industry and other stakeholders, to exploit new and emerging research opportunities that address social, environmental and economic challenges: the growing demand for safer, healthier, higher quality food and for sustainable use and production of renewable bio-resources; the increasing risk of epizootic and zoonotic diseases and food related disorders; threats to the sustainability and security of agricultural, aquaculture and fisheries production; and the increasing demand for high quality food, taking into account animal welfare and rural and coastal contexts and response to specific dietary needs of consumers.

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Field of research:

Activity 2.1: Sustainable production and management of biological resources from land, forest and aquatic environment

Sub-fields of research:

Area 2.1.1 Enabling research

Area 2.1.2 Increased sustainability of all production systems (agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture); plant health and crop protection

Area 2.1.3 Optimised animal health, production and welfare across agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture

Area 2.1.4 Socio-economic research and support to policies

Field of research:

Activity 2.2: Fork to farm: Food (including seafood), health and well being

Sub-fields of research:

Area 2.2.1 Consumers

Area 2.2.2 Nutrition

Area 2.2.3 Food processing

Area 2.2.4 Food quality and safety

Area 2.2.5 Environmental impacts and total food chain

Area 2.2.6 Enhanced co-operation in food and health with a view to strengthening the European Research Area

Field of research:

Activity 2.3 Life Sciences, biotechnology and biochemistry for sustainable non-food products and processes

Sub-fields of research:

Area 2.3.1 Improved biomass and plant based renewables

Area 2.3.2. Bioprocesses

Area 2.3.3. Environmental biotechnologies, Use of waste and by-products

Area 2.3.4.

Area 2.3.5.

Area 2.3.6.

Field of research:

Activity 2.4 Other activities

Sub-fields of research:

Bereich 2.4 Other activities

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