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Graduate School of Agriculture (ESA)



The research unit on legumes, vegetal ecophysiology and agroecology (LEVA) of ESA has extensive experience in crop diversification to design innovative low-input cropping systems. LEVA has studied intercrops for 15 years on benefits linked to the use of nitrogen sources, reduced application of herbicides, crop management and adaptations of value chains, using field experiments, modelling and multi-actor approaches including farmers, collectors and advisers.
The team, composed of agronomists, ecophysiologists and soil biologists, has a recognized expertise in the ecological functions of legumes, plant-plant and plant-soil interactions in legume-based intercrops. LEVA is mandated with the development of new agronomical indicators of soil biological activity and fertility as well as with teaching agroecology.

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Graduate School of Agriculture (ESA)
Rue Rabelais 55
49007 Angers Cedex 1

Phone: +33 2 41 23 56 78
Email: g.hellou(@)groupe-esa.com

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