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Are you looking for a research project on animal health? Look at the subject animal production. Animal protection projects can be found in the research aim "environmental and resource protection"

Coordinated collaborative projects of "Institute of Market Analysis"

MACSUR Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security

Coordinating institution: Institute of Market Analysis
Contract period: 2012 - 2015
Collaborative Projects: Coordination, Crop Modelling (CropM), Livestock Modelling (LiveM), Trade Modelling (TradeM)
Total budget: 15000000 Euro


Research projects by subject

Subject Ongoing Projects Finished Projects All Projects
sort sort sort sort
Animal production 510 2583 3093
Ecology 375 2012 2387
Fisheries and Aquaculture 80 344 424
Food technology 353 1363 1716
Forestry 254 1088 1342
Interdisciplinary Subjects 1199 4508 5707
Nutritional Science 201 997 1198
Plant production 977 4679 5656
Socioeconomics 127 1048 1175

A collaborative project describes a research plan of a researcher network. It includes several projects, work packages or subprojects. Coordination of the research areas and sub-projects is carried out by a research institution or a work package leader.

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The subjects of agriculture and nutritional sciences in FISA are structured as follows:

Plant production

Crop Production, Plant Breeding, Plant Nutrition, Crop Protection, Agricultural Engineering in Plant Production, Grassland, Arboriculture, Horticulture, Vegetable Gardening, Viticulture, and Specialised crops.

Animal production

Animal breeding, Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Technology Animal Production, Animal health, Animal nutrition, Special animal species, Beekeeping and health, and Farm animal behaviour.

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Freshwater fisheries, Pond fisheries, Marine fisheries, Raceways systems, Recirculation systems, and Mariculture.


Silviculture, Forestry, Wildlife Biology, Forestry Technology, and Forest genetics.


Agricultural hydrology, Agricultural Meteorology, Agroecology, Landscape Planning, Soil science, and Organic Farming.


Agricultural Policy, Market Analysis, Business administration, Agricultural Sociology, Agroeconomics, and Rural history.

Nutritional Science

Physiology of Nutrition, Home Economics, Nutritional behaviour, and Toxicology.

Interdisciplinary Subjects

Process engineering, Communication Sciences, Biotechnology, Resource management, Genetic Resources, Renewable Resources, Climate Change, and Computer science.

Food technology

Food Chemistry, Food Processing, and Food microbiology.

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