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BMEL - Program to promote innovation


Initiator: Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Funding programmes: BMEL - Program to promote innovation

The program's aim is to support technical and non-technical innovation in Germany in the fields of nutrition, agriculture and consumer protection.

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Field of research:

Sustainable plant production

Sub-fields of research:

Breeding of crops

Breeding of more efficient wheat varieties

Resource efficiency for plant breeding

Environmentally friendly viticulture

Breeding climate-adapted crops

Resource efficient and environmentally friendly fertilization

Quality assurance for the storage of dried agricultural products

Reducing the use of pesticides

Sustainable plant protection

Sustainable use of pesticides

Sustainable grassland management


Increasing the resistance of crops


wheat breeding whithin climate changes

Horticulture 4.0

plant health

Field of research:

Animal welfare and animal health

Sub-fields of research:

Improve animal welfare in pig farming

Improving safety and quality of feed and the efficiency of animal nutrition

Improvement of livestock farming

Minimization of antibiotic resistances

Improvement of beekeeping

Climate-efficient and sustainable production of milk and dairy products

Innovations in aquaculture

Innovative processes and technologies in the field of breeding and reproduction of farm animals

Indicators animal welfare

Rapid influenza research program

Low-emission production of animal products

Control of zoonoses in animals

Improve animal health through veterinary medicine

Improve animal husbandry practices for livestock

Innovations in livestock farming as a contribution to climate protection and adaptation to climate change

animal welfare during transportation and slaughter

Digitalization in livestock husbandry

Protection of bees

Field of research:

Resource efficient agricultural engineering

Sub-fields of research:

Increasing the energy efficiency in horticulture

Improvement of energy efficiency in agriculture and food industry

Increased use of electronics in agriculture and forestry

Innovations in agricultural technology

Efficient and sustainable use of water resources

Recycling of biological waste and waste materials by hydrothermal method

Increase resource efficiency by agricultural engineering (Big Data in agriculture)

Field of research:

Food safety and quality

Sub-fields of research:

Prevention of allergies and intolerance reactions to food

Improvement of quality and risk management systems in livestock and meat industry

Improvement of meat quality

Improving the safety and quality of food

Resource efficient food production

Reduction of salt, fats and sugars in food

Food manufacturing

Traceability of food

Minimizing the risk of microbial contamination in meat production

Digital transformation in food economics

Field of research:

Consumer health protection

Sub-fields of research:

Improvement of consumer protection in the information society

Enhancement of information on product features

Improvement of consumer protection of services in the energy sector

Allergies and intolerances

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