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Physiology of Reproduction and Behaviour (UMR-PRC)



UMR “Physiology of Reproduction and Behaviour” (PRC) a INRA research unit in partnership with National centre for scientific research (CNRS), Universities of Tours  and the French horse and riding institute (IFCE). The general scientific objective proposed by the UMR PRC was to study the physiological mechanisms controlling the reproductive function, and animal behaviour linked to reproduction, and social relationships. The scientific project of the UMR fits into the thematic field of “Animal” of the Animal physiology and livestock systems (PHASE) division of INRA. It contributes to INRA’s meta-programme of integrated management of animal health (GISA) in the domain of animal welfare. It meets the expectations of the National Institute of Biological Sciences (INSB) with in the field of integrative animal biology, genomics and gene expression, in neurosciences and cell biology. It fits the objectives of the “Health, biological sciences and bioactive molecule” of universities of Tours. It contributes to the objectives of research and development of the IFCE.

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Physiology of Reproduction and Behaviour (UMR-PRC)

37380 Nouzilly

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