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Collaborative project: Grassland protection by an innovative organic pasture beef concept. Subproject 4 (GiB)


Project code: 2818301716
Contract period: 01.12.2017 - 31.01.2021
Budget: 10 Euro
Purpose of research: Applied research
Keywords: landscape, landscape preservation, husbandry techniques, grassland, cattle, marketing, organic farming, meat

Grassland is decreasing in agricultural production unless financial measures for complex conservation of agri-environment policy or nature conservation will be provided. Milk production is especially in regions of low mountain ranges increasingly declining. Cattle fattening is often referred to as an alternative production system. However, many conflicts are evident in the field of product quality of grassland, production costs for feed and/or beef as well as in the area of nature conservation. In addition, such products are often unable to achieve a sales price, which would be appropriate regarding the regional and ecological origins of these products. Thus, fattening cattle concepts can hardly win recognition in practice. The overall objective of the project 'Grassland Protection by an Innovative Organic Pasture Beef Concept' (GiB) comprises the analysis and further development of the complete value chain from grassland management to beef marketing of the regional organic cattle at the counter. The exemplary study region used is located in the Southern Black Forest possessing rich common pastures populated by various species, which are, however, increasingly threatened by fallow.

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EDEKA Südwest Fleisch GmbH

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