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Responses of European Forests and Society to Invasive Pathogens (RESIPATH)


Production processes

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Production processes

Project code: JKI-GF-08-1193
Contract period: 01.07.2014 - 30.06.2017
Purpose of research: Applied research

Invasive alien species pose a serious global threat to biodiversity by competing with native organisms for limited resources and by their ability to modify entire landscapes. In the RESIPATH project we study how European forest communities have been affected by and how they respond to invasive pathogens. We are working with disease prevention in elm, ash, alder and oak, trees that are important part of their ecosystems. Our goal is to develop means to mitigate the impact of these invasive pathogens. We need to developan early detection system for these invasive forest pathogens. In order to limit these pathogens, it is very important to find out how they are introduced and spread.

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