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Collaborative project: Breeding and mass propagation of peat moss in Sphagnum farming to create a sustainable supply of renewable raw material for horticultural growing media. Subproject 3: Establishment and optimization of axenic in vitro propagation of Sphagnum in a photobioreactor, Design and construction of a new type of a photobioreactor for large scale mass propagation of Sphagnum seeding material (MOOSzucht)


Project code: 22007316
Contract period: 15.05.2017 - 14.05.2021
Purpose of research: Applied research

To reach high yields and thus make Sphagnum farming economically feasible the joint project ‘MOOSzucht’ aims to increase current Sphagnum productivity by 30 % through selection and breeding. Several wild provenances of Sphagnum species (suited for growing media) will be genetically characterized (SSR marker assays) to understand the relationship between and distribution of Sphagnum genotypes. Highly productive provenances are then selected for further cultivation and propagation. In addition, breeding trials with axenic cultures will serve to increase productivity through polyploidization using protoplast transfer (Sphagnum Smart Breeding, SSB).

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