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Altered productivity and carbon sequestration of German forests in the face of climate change: (i) model development with data sets of soil inventory (BZE) and European Level I monitoring plots and (ii) model applications on an expanded dataset of the National Forest Inventory (BWI) - WP-KS-KW. Subproject 7


Project code: 28WC400307
Contract period: 01.01.2014 - 30.06.2017
Budget: 121,016 Euro
Purpose of research: Inventory & Assessment

The german national forest inventory (NFI) is an important instrument for forest policy of the federal and state governments. It is also increasingly used for practice-relevant research on tree species distribution and site productivity. However, the data on soil and climate at the NFI sites are covered only unsatisfactorily. The primary objective of this research project is therefore to combine the regional expert knowledge in a transnational cooperation and to generate a uniform soil and climate dataset for the 26,450 data points of the NFI. This site data are attached to the NFI as a so-called 'environmental vector'. The extension of the NFI with the environmental vector significantly improves the estimation of site suitability and productivity of our forests under present and future climate. By using forest growth models, it is possible to predict the future development of the forests of Germany, their potential raw timber stocks and carbon storage potential.

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Associated projects: WP-KS-KW

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