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Collaborative project: Improvement of grape quality of the RMS-steep-slope-harvester through the implementation of a mechanical separation and sortation process immediately after harvest placed on the carrier of the RMS-TVE. Subproject 2


Project code: 2814402408
Contract period: 08.12.2015 - 07.07.2018
Budget: 55,448 Euro
Purpose of research: Experimental development

The goal of the project is to ensure the sustainable management of steep and terraced vineyards in quality-oriented viticulture by the mechanization of the main work peak (grape harvest) which fulfills current quality requirements of machine harvest. The separation technology on the carrier of the RMS TVE is designed to increase the profitability of the steep slope viticulture through direct combination of mechanical harvest and the sortation of the grapes. Due to the weight limit for the RMS TVE in the steep-slopes and due to the system the existing machine harvest is not sufficient regarding selective quality parameters. Therefore, the accustomed product safety of the machine harvest should be achieved by sorting out ingredients which reduce the quality prior to further processing. The aim is to guarantee a consistent level of grape quality through purification of the machine harvested grapes by the sortation process and thereby to achieve the familiar level of wine quality by hand-picking harvest in steep-slopes. The project management and performance of the experiments in the press-house as well as the processing, vinification and analysis of musts and wines are located at the DLR Mosel. The construction by CAD of the carrier with assembled separation and sorting technology is supported by a knowledgeable project manager. The process optimization of the separation and sortation technologies shall ensure a proper processing of grapes. The main task of Hoffmann agricultural machinery consists in the design and manufacture of a transport trailer for the RMS TVE which is at the same time the carrier for the separation and sorting technology. This installation guarantees a rapid and continuous separation of undesirable ingredients out of the machine harvested grapes by using intermediate hopper-systems and delay-lines.

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