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National Dong Hwa University (NDHU)



National Dong Hwa University is a research-based, teaching-oriented institution with great promise and potential in many areas. Through the steady addition of new academic programs over the next decade, National Dong Hwa University will eventually consist of the following nine colleges in humanities, natural sciences, engineering, management, social sciences, indigenous Studies, environmental studies, marine sciences, and fine and applied arts. Moreover, the University will house a wide range of interdisciplinary research centers ultimately catering to a student body of over ten thousand. We are fully convinced that National Dong Hwa University will attain its ultimate goal of becoming one of the finest institutes of higher learning in Taiwan - if not all of Asia and the rest of the world - in the years to come.

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National Dong Hwa University (NDHU)
Da Hsueh Rd.
97401 Hualien

Telefon: +886-3-8635000
E-Mail: lisatsai(@)mail.ndhu.edu.tw

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