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Institut für Ichthyobiology und Aquakultur



The scientific activity in the Unit covers the following area:

  • Studies on biology and the technology of fish breeding
  • Biotechniques in the fish pond aquaculture
  • The interaction between the pond complexes and water management
  • Immune response and disease resistance of common carp
  • Protection of the freshwater fish biodiversity

The Institute of Ichthyobiology and Aquaculture of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Gołysz maintains a live gene bank which includes seventeen purebred common carp strains of various geographical origin. This enables the production of the common carp stocking materials with desired productive characteristics for the carp farmers. The live gene bank is supported by the Operational Programme 'Sustainable Development of Fisheries and Coastal Fishing Areas 2007 - 2013' in a frame of the subtask aimed at protection of genetic resource.

Through the years of Unit activity special focus has been given to:

  • Identification of the species composition of plant and animal inhabiting ponds
  • Understanding the course of metabolism in pond ecosystems, chemical, and biological processes dependently on the level of fish production
  • Expanding the knowledge of the physical environment of the ponds, definition of main determinants and their impact on pond ecosystems
  • Development of methods to prevent excessive eutrophication of pond ecosystems
  • Optimization the biotechnology of the intensive production of one- and two-year-old carp stocking material
  • Development the techniques of energy-efficient fish production under controlled conditions, like African catfish and Nile tilapia
  • Adaptation to local climatic conditions the integrated intensive-extensive systems of fish rearing
  • Genetic characterisation of 17 domestic and foreign common carp breeding strains
  • Establishing the methodology of genetic monitoring the changes in common carp strains
  • Characterization of common carp strains in terms of their resistance to pathogens

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Institut für Ichthyobiology und Aquakultur
Zaborze, ul Kalinowa 2
43-520 Chybie 43-520 Chybie

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