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Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragón



The activity of the Horticulture Department focuses on a) maintenance and management of plant genetic resources in genebanks, b) plant breeding and c) optimization of plant production. Current projects include the selection of new cultivars and rootstocks, the recovery of old germplasm, the evaluation of commercial cultivars, and the study of genetic and physiological processes affecting production.
A number of fruit tree species are studied, mainly stone and pome frutis (apricot, almond, cherry, plum, apple, peach and pear), as well as different horticultural especies (chard, artichoke, saffron, borage, onion, bean, lettuce, melon, pepper, watermelon and tomato).

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Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragón
Avda. Montañana 930
50059 Zaragoza

Telefon: +34 976 716 300
E-Mail: cita(@)aragon.es

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