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Global distribution of deltaD values in C-bonded hydrogen of soil organic matter


Umwelt- und Ressourcenschutz

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Umwelt- und Ressourcenschutz

Förderkennzeichen: 112168817
Laufzeit: 01.01.2009 - 31.12.2010
Forschungszweck: Grundlagenforschung

Stable isotope ratios of various elements including H ((D), C, N, and S have been related to origin and turnover of soil organic matter (OM), because incomplete (bio)chemical reactions fractionate stable isotopes. On a global scale, the (D values in precipitation are related to the number of rain events that water vapor undergoes on its way to the poles, across mountains or towards inland because of evaporation/condensation-related isotope fractionation. As plants rely on local water sources that reflect the global distribution of (D values in precipitation for biosynthesis, C-bonded H in soil OM might show a geographically ordered distribution of (D values on a global scale. However, C-bonded (D values in soil OM might locally be modified by organic matter turnover. Our objectives are to 1) establish a method for the analysis of (D values of C-bonded H in soil, 2) determine the relationship between (D values in precipitation and in C-bonded H of soil OM on a global scale, 3) quantify the effect of decomposition on C-bonded (D values in soil OM with laboratory incubations and by assessing the vertical distribution of (D values in C-bonded H of soil OM in different climates (litter to subsoil). The proposed project adds a novel quantitative tool in Physical Geography to improve our understanding of C sequestration and turnover at the global scale.

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